Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Top 10: My Christmas & Birthday List

Well, it's that time of year again.  Time to make wish lists for the 'rents, in-laws and siblings.  Every year this list game becomes more challenging.  It makes me think about things I wouldn't normally buy myself but I would like.  Things on my list typically include sewing or baking items.  These are things I enjoy doing and wish I had more time for.  Since my birthday falls on Christmas, I typically need to begin writing things down in October in order to have enough options to split the list for Birthday AND Christmas. 

This year, I've come up with the Top 10 things I'd love to get.

1. Baby Lock: Sophia2
My poor little Brother machine that I got for Christmas a few years ago just isn't quite cutting it anymore.  After making all those aprons for my "bride-to-be" friends, it's not sounding so great anymore.  Poor thing.  I'd love to start dabbling in embroidery so this little machine would be the perfect starter.

2. Sonia Kashuk Make-up Brushes
In college I bought a set of Sonia Kashuk brushes and LOVE them.  However, I have pretty much warn them out.  Lately, I've noticed a lot of bristles coming out and I just think that the past 6 years has finally taken a toll on them. 

3. Wine Decanter and Journal
My BFF Kelly and I got into wine when we lived together that summer.  We'd go to the store and just pick the bottles that had great labels.  I know, so juvenile of us.  These days I forget which wines I've had and which I should get.  A journal would really help out in this department.  I was visiting Crate & Barrel a few months ago and saw they used a wine decanter to store their wine corks.  I love the look and can't wait to replicate it to decorate the bar cabinet Joe just refinished.

4. Cookie Press
Because I love the spritz cookies my mom makes at the holidays and I'd love to have my own press to make some that are just as delicious.

5. Indoor Weather Station
I'm not quite sure that I would have survived college with out one of these.  Mine happened to die after about 4 years.  I really would love to know the outside temperature before I leave the house in the morning so standing at the bus stop isn't as shocking.

6. Pampered Chef Double Boiler
I have this slight obsession with Pampered Chef products.  Just about everything in my kitchen is from Pampered Chef.  I'm pretty much a walking sales woman for them (even though I'm not a Consultant).  I just LOVE their products.  I have the pot & pans set that this will be perfect for.  I do lots of baking that would be much easier if I had this around.  Yes, there are probably some double boilers out there that aren't as expensive but I'm very much a minimalist and this would take up less storage since I've already got the bottom half.

7. Fiskars Easy Action Pinking Shears
I have a set of scissors in the Easy Action series.  I love the set.  They work so well and are easy on my hands.  They also lock closed so I don't have to to worry too much about them.  Pinking shears would be the perfect addition to my set.

8. Electric Tooth Brush
Well, lets just say I really need one.  I have always taken care of my teeth, so I thought.  Honestly, I try.  Probably even harder than others and still I have too many problems to count.  I just can't seem to get my teeth healthy again.  It all started with a bike ride turned disastrous when I was 6.  Lets just say that one should never face plant into concrete especially one with bad jeans to begin with.  I'm not quite 25 and I've gotten 2 root canals, 1 crown, and 1 crown on the books for next year.  Yikes!

9. Crock Pot Carrier
I saw this when searching for an inexpensive 1.5-3 quart crock pot to add to my appliances.  It just seems so genius.  They're pretty inexpensive and definitely a must if you go to a lot of pot-lucks or parties. 

10. Barefoot Contessa Cookbooks
Can someone really have too many cookbooks?  I think not! Especially if they are ones that have delicious concoctions in them.

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