Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Crafts Are Taking Over!!!!

Okay, this has gone too far!  Having a dual guest bedroom/craft room isn't working out too well for anyone.  I don't have the space I need to store my crafts and the guests have to deal with a semi-cluttered room.

Does this mean I get my craft cave?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mod Podge....

I remember the day I joined my sorority like it was yesterday.  It wasn't actually yesterday, it was over 5 yeras ago.  I will always be thankful for the things that my sisters taught me.  They taught me all about real friends, living with 40 girls, cleaning up kitchens (not exactly taught but I did get a lot of practice), how to parallel park into the tinest places, and most importantly of all: how to be crafty!  I've always been a crafty soul, but once a member of the sorority, I learned about craftiness like never before.  I will never forget my first converstion about Mod Podge.  I remember asking what it was, followed by laughter from my friends.  All through college I did many, and I mean MANY projects with Mod Podge. I began thinking that it seriously was the greatest invention!  I have since moved onto other things, and have not really had the need to use Mod Podge since my college days.  That was until today!!!!  I ran across this blog. Oh Mod Podge, how I love you and have missed you.  Hopefully I will have time in the near future to start another Mod Podge project.  I'm crossing my fingers that my jar of matte is not dried out.  Thank you Mod Podge for helping to decoupaging my world!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy 60th Mom!!!

Happy Birthday Mom!!! Hubby and I had fun at my mom's birthday party that she, of course, threw for herself.  My Aunt from Iowa even came down to celebrate!

Ginna & Adam's Wedding

Congratulations to Adam & Ginna.  It was such a beautiful wedding!  I had a great time and it was lovely to see both of them and our many friends.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Football Cakepops

Hubby and I met up at a friends' house for a Nebraska Football watch party.  Lots of our friends are a fan of the big N.  I had to take these cake pops!  They turned out adorable and delicious.  Some of the little guys didn't make the 30 minute drive and, lesson learned, I shouldn't have placed the lollipop stick so far into the cake ball.  I'll have to remember for next time.  They were a HUGE hit!  Everyone loved them. I can't wait to make some cute pumpkins for Halloween!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Here it is....the book I've been waiting months for!  I wasn't feeling well today and stayed home sick and got a great surprise! I went out after lunch to get the mail and there it was on my front step!  I am so excited to get started in my kitchen!  I have the perfect event this weekend and I know our friends will LOVE these! Yay!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kelly M's Bachelorette Party!!!

Bachelorette Parties can get CRAZY!!!!  For Kelly's: it was a guarantee!  When us girls go out it gets a bit wild.  I was sworn to secrecy so this is all I can say.  We went to Villa Maire Winery before dinner for a little relaxation. 

 There were 14 of us at Lucas Park Grille in St. Louis for Dinner. After dinner we went out for the night on The Landing down by the river.  Everyone had so much fun dancing the night away!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sorting M&Ms

So, I like to be thrifty.  I had TONS of M&Ms left over from Kelly's Bridal Shower that I helped throw for her over the weekend.  I mean TONS!  So I thought to myself that I'd sort them into their colors to make holiday cookies with! 

Orange, Yellow, Brown: Fall/Thanksgiving/Halloween
Red, Green: Christmas
Blue: hmm....any ideas?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kelly M's Surprise Lingerie Party

And boy was she surprised! Up until the week of the surprise dinner Kelly was only under the impression that it was just her and me going out to dinner to catch up and talk about wedding stuff.  Of course, my big mouth had to accidentally slip to her in a e-mail the mention of her "surprise dinner". Last night Kelly, my two friends Andrea and Danielle, and I met up for a girls night dinner and drinks.  Kelly suggested TGI Friday's which is definately "Our Place".  We've gone there numerious times and we obviously love the food and atmosphere.  When I dissed the idea she picked up that we would be eating there tonight. 

Her mom, sisters, grammy, to-be-mother-in-law, two friends from our sorority were all waiting there to give her the big surprise.

See, Kelly only new there woudl be a "surprise dinner" at TGI Fridays.  She didn't know there would be guests or gifts.  However these gifts are more for Michael. He-he. 

Jamie, a friend from college, even found, in her mom's stash none the less, naked man wrapping paper from the 80's for all of us to laugh at.  I hope Kelly really enjoyed the low-key event and the gifts that will help keep some spice in their marriage!

The best gift: from her mom.  She dug it out of Kelly's stuff from high school. She needed this for a show one year.

Kelly M's Bridal Shower

I'm not just a bridesmaid in one of my best friend's wedding, I am a friend who will do just about anything to help make everything perfect for her big day.  I did a lot of planning for her shower but could not have pulled it off without her mom and the rest of the wedding party.

With the cake and cupcakes baked and iced, the games ready to get played, the prizes ready to be won, the cookies adorned with beautiful decoration, the tables decorated and teh food prepared; we were ready!  Kelly said she loved everythig!  The guests, varying from family to friends from grade school to sorority sisters, seemed to enjoy themselves.  Kely received some beautiful gifts I could tell she enjoyed chatting with everyone.

Look at all those gifts!

The Apron I made Kelly

ZTA Ladies!

Kelly M's Bridal Shower Cake

Happy Bridal Shower Kelly!  I loved making this cake.  It was SO much fun!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kelly M's Bridal Shower Cupcakes

My first try at Lemon Cupcakes.  I was not that impressed with the texture and moisture of the cake so next time I'll try a different recipe.  I topped the cupcakes with Rachel Ray's Cupcake Icing for a Crowd but added a bit of lemon extract to get just a hint of lemon flavor.  The icing ended up tasting like the filling of those lemon Girl Scout cookies.  Yum!  I rolled the edges of the cupcakes in sparkling sugar.