Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Pinterest Challenge Project

Oh Pinterest, how I love you.
Each and every day I explore your world and find even more reasons I love you.
I LOVE the Pinterest Challenge Fall Edition.

And now, here's your hosts:
Sherry of Young House Love 
Katie of Bower Power
Ana of
Erin of House of Earnest 

I unfortunately am one of those people who has about 15-20 projects going at one time. It usually takes me a long time to finish a project since I have so many going at one time.  I really need to work on this! Here's a few pins that are currently being worked on at my house:

So there's five things I didn't finish for this Pinterest Challenge.  I'll try to finish them soon and post them here.

Make sure you check out the hosts' blogs listed above to see what other bloggers have completed with the Pinterest Challenge: Fall Edition.

What have you been pinning or working on lately? Leave link and I'll go check it out.

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