Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fall Decor

Fall is beginning to be my favorite season.  I love the jewel-toned colors, the warm scents, and the cozy blankets I bring out from our blanket box. I created a list of my favorite things for Fall, but unfortunately I wasn't able to splurge on any of those items, but I do see some DIY projects for the future.  This year I got some new flowers to brighten empty corners.  Here's some of the fall things you spotted around my house this year.  Seeing as it's November 30, my Christmas Tree and decor start going up tomorrow.  I'm pretty excited about seeing all the lights around the neighborhood, but that's another story.

Anyways, here's our dining room.  The table runner is from Crate & Barrel, so are the tea light candle holders as the centerpiece.  The orange tea lights are from Yankee Candle Company.  The black place mats are also from Crate & Barrel and are actually the backs.  The orange place mats I made last year and have fall leaves on the other side, but no one knew that!  I'm sneaky sometimes.

Joe had a good idea to put some flowers I'd gotten to coordinate with the table runner over here in the corner.  I thought it was a great idea and it looks fantastic and really finishes out the room.  I'm not sure if I'll ever move it. I might just rotate the flowers. These flowers are from Hobby Lobby and the vase is from Marshall's.  The frame I picked up on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond and filled it with my favorite wedding pictures.

You saw this up in the dining room picture. I used contact paper, cut into shapes to give our door a frosted look.  I LOVE the way it turned out but it was a TON of work.  The windows next to this won't get the same treatment.  I think it'll make the room look to dark at night.

Here's another view of the dining room to view our finally completed photo wall and buffet decor.

Here's the little set-up.  The green vase I got from Nebraska Furniture Mart in Kansas.  The purple bowl is from Hobby Lobby.  The fake goards are from Jo-Ann's last year.  The vine ball is from Pier 1.  I made the runner for the buffet just out of linen from the fabric store.  It's the same color as the one on the table.

And here's our Photo Wall!  FINALLY! We've got a bunch of miscellaneous pictures and prints up there.  In the center we've got some scrapbook paper in Fall Theme, of coarse.  Starting to the right of the "S" and working clockwise we've got:
- Photo strips from weddings we've been to
- A picture of river rocks I took myself
- An image of the River Market downtown Kansas City from an old calendar we had laying around
- A picture we took during our vacation to Atlanta Botanical Gardens of a Lily Pad
- A sketch-up of our pooch, Daisy that my Hubby created on Picnik
- A piece of scrapbook paper
- A printable saying
- A Picture of a waterfall at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas
- A poem that came with the frame
- and finally, A picture of the pond at Forest park in St. Louis

We'll change out the three slot frame along the way.

Last but not least, here's our mantle and fireplace. Nothing fancy.  Just a cute little turkey hanging out there I picked up from Hobby Lobby.  I got the Owl from Nebraska Furniture Mart.  The Pumpkin from TJ Maxx, The leave garland from Jo-Ann's, The white vase from Target.  The candles and the holders are from Kohl's.

So Happy Fall Everyone!  Hopefully, you enjoyed my little fall decor tour.  What did you think of it all?

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