Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy President's Day!

I love holidays!  It's really nice to have a day off work occasionally to get stuff done around the house. I have lots of things on my list today and I've even been able to cross some off already!

President's Day To-Do List:
* Make a quilt sandwich for the little girl quilt.
* Take Down Valentine Decorations
* Eat Fish (since the hubby hates it I only get it when he's not around)
* Quilt the little girl quilt
* Put up St. Patrick's Day Decorations
* St. Patrick's Day Crafts:
   - Baby onesie
   - Garland
   - Table Top Decor Project
   - Pillows

I went to JoAnn's yesterday and bought a ton of project supplies so I could do a bunch of work today.  I'll also do an update pretty soon on the mold we found in our basement. Finding it requires a bit of redecorating.  I never liked that room color anyways.

Have you ever found mold in your walls?  What redecorating ideas did you incorporate when you put the room back together?

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