Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Been Gone So Long....

I realized the other day that I've been away for too long!

I've had a busy couple of months, here's some highlights.

I was honored to host a baby shower for my sister.  It was so fun to plan an ABC shower.  She and her husband decided not to find out the sex of their soon-to-be bundle of joy.  She received some wonderful things from family and friends.  I really should share more shower details since I had so much fun planning it and putting the whole thing together.
ABC Baby Shower Food Table

I got to welcome a sweet and beautiful little girl named Sydney into the world at the end of February. I am such a proud aunt!  She's the cutest little thing. I'm sad that my sister and her family live 4 hours away, but I hope to make it there to visit as much as possible so I don't miss too much in her life.
My Niece

I helped a friend going through a rough situation.  Moving on from a relationship is never easy to do regardless of the stage.
My Friend

I was able to squeeze in some Sydney time and watch her sleep for a few hours while hanging out with my sister.

Some time was spent in my sewing studio making some St. Patrick's Day towels for my kitchen. They were simple and fun to make.  I even had the supplies already laying around, meaning I spent $0.  I love those kind of projects.
Shamrock Towels

Hubby and I knew about a leaky door in our basement since we moved in.  The leak wasn't terrible, but enough that we figured we would need a new door.  One day we decided to jump right in and we took off the trim and baseboards in the area to start getting down to the studs after more demo and see the condition of the boards.  Well, we took the first pieces of trim off and found something ugly.  The words out of my mouth were "Maybe we shouldn't have looked under there".  Yup, that's black mold.  We ended up with a new door, new insulation, drywall, and trim.  We decided with this much work we'd go ahead and add some wainscoting and re-do the basement.  Hooray for making our house more of a home.
Black Mold behind the Baseboard

A whole month later, Hubby finally got to meet our niece, Sydney. He looks like a natural with here.
Joe and Sydney

I even finished Sydney's quilt and mailed it off for her to get some tummy-time in with.
Sydney's Quilt

I also did a ton of other projects in between.  Hopefully next time I'm not away for so long.

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