Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mouse Traps & Hot Peppers

Mouse Traps and hot peppers.  Not quite the combination you would imagine.  I have been working out of a construction office for the past 6 months and let me tell you, these guys LOVE their hot peppers and homemade salsa.  Why the mice traps you may ask?  It's probably better not to ask, but since you did...Our lovely construction office has a problem with mice. No, not a problem, more like an infestation.  They've chewed my pens, pooped on my desk and in my file cabinet, taken a little dip in my coffee cup I forgot to wash out and many more things I'd rather not remember.  Fortunatly, the mice traps in this pictures are actually loacted on a table, so there is no fear in the mice getting to their precious hot peppers.  But they are prepared just in case.

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