Saturday, August 21, 2010

Apron for Kelly M.

I. Love. Sewing.  I have taken it upon myself to sew like crazy this year.  With a lot of my good friends getting married I decided that I'd make them aprons as part of a shower gift.

So I make a trip to the fabric store with Invitation in hand and look at everything.  I usually use quitling fabric because of the colorful patterns.  And usually it's love at first sight.  When I see the fabric that makes me think of that perosn immediately, I know I've found the one. I head up to the counter to get it cut and head home where the real fun begins.  I love picking out a personalized gift for such good friends. 

This fabric I picked out for Kelly M was one of the easiest to find.  She has such a bubbly personality and is an amazingly caring person.  She is one of my BEST friends and I could not be happier to be a part of their big day in October. 

Here's the final product!

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