Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kelly H's Bridal Shower

I will NEVER drive the Malibu again!  I'm serious this time!  Kelly's Bridal shower was about 2-1/2 hours away and I was making the trip down and back in one day.  Now, I hated the thought of putting about 500 miles on my *new* car in one day.  Heck, I hate even putting more than 150 miles in a week on it!  So I thought to myself, "Self, I think it would be a great idea to drive the Malibu.  It gets great gas mileage (about 28 MPG) and 500 miles is a drop in the bucket since it already has 150,000 miles."  Looking back, I wish I would have just sucked it up and taken my *new* car. 
Well the drive was beautiful.  Instead of taking the normal 4 lane highway there I took a little 2 lane road for part of the way.  The country side was beautiful.  I was even able to see part of the Missouri River and a little Amish family #socute.  The shower was fun.  I was glad I got to see my good friend from Cali. I miss hanging out at Kelly's house in Rolla while we watched TV together.  Oh the days of college.  Anyways, after the shower was over the worst thing happened.  I could not get the Malibu started. 
I blame Joe.  Ever since I got my *new* car with the push button start that allows me to leave my car running but locked in the parking lot of QT to run in and grab some coffee in the morning, Joe had decided that the Malibu should be able to do that too.  So my genius husband jiggled the key to the Malibu while it was running until the key came out without the car turning off.  This 'added' feature caused the important turning of the key processes to get the car started to be extremely difficult.  I couldn't get the car started for 2 hours.  I tried, Kelly tried, and Kelly's Dad tried.  I gave up hope thinking that I was stuck.  I called hubby and he drove his truck 2-1/2 in hopes to be able to tow it back to our house or get it started.  In the mean time I went out for drinks with Kelly's family which was a glorious relief. 
Joe eventually arrived on scene and go figure, started the car right up with no more than 2 tries.  I was so angry.  Not only had I blamed the whole thing on him, but he started it immediately!  How? I believe it's magic.  Needless to say, I refused to drive the Malibu back.  So I got to drive the Truck back with Daisy and he took the Malibu. 

Anyways, back to the point of this post: Kelly's Bridal Shower.  A bit of a background: Kelly and I became friends in college when we were both in the same sorority.  We lived across the hall and hung out quite a  bit.  My mom showed her how to sew rank on her uniform, we watched TV every week at her house (I was too poor to afford cable), went to the Grotto every Tuesday with Ms. D Meyers and graduated together.  After graduation she was commissioned into the Air Force and is currently stationed in California.  I'd love to visit some day. I do anything to visit with her even for a short period of time whenever she comes back to good ole' Missouri.  Here is the beautiful Bride-to-Be and myself.

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