Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Spice Rack

When we moved into our house we were greeted by a horribly ugly, homemade spice rack on the pantry door.  And man, am I talking ugly.  It had a sheet metal backing, 3 different woods, hot glue, and some type of expanding foam.  The guy who lived there before us seemed pretty smart and pretty equip with tools since we're assuming he installed the flooring in the basement and office, but this thing looked totally slapped together.  One day a few months ago one of the wood pieces holding the spices on the shelf started falling off.  Being down one shelf wasn't too bad since there was lots of space that we weren't using. That was until the entire thing started to come down.  YIKES!  I was too afraid that one day I'd come home to find all my spices on the floor of the pantry.  That didn't sound like too much fun to clean up so down it came. And I forgot to take before pictures, but it was kinda embarrassing.

Do you know how hard it is to find a hanging spice rack that's big enough and not too expensive?  But seriously, it was pretty hard.

We ended up going with the customizable White elfa Door system from The Container Store. The white matches the rest of the shelves in our pantry (secretly I would have loved the Platinum).  I love the different components we could choose to satisfy our needs.  We did spend quite a bit more than we'd originally planned, but the versatility and additional storage space was well worth it.  We now have more storage on the door than I'd imagined.  And when we want even more space, we can buy more baskets to add on.  This has been my favorite project so far!  It's something I see every day and it looks fantastic!

Now I just need to organize my pantry and probably re-paint it.

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