Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer's Top 10 To-Do List

I can't believe it's already halfway through July!  What happened!?!  I've not completed as much as I wanted to off my "House To-Do List".  Things seem to be getting added faster than things are being taken off.  That's just how it is, isn't it?

Almost a month ago, our city (more specifically, our neighborhood) was hit with tennis ball size hail.  Yeah, I said tennis balls.  As I stood in our dining room listening to the hail pelt our house, the only thing I could think was "We just have to sit here and take it. We can't make it stop."  So we now need a new roof, again.   We've lived in our house for 2 years and this will be the 2nd roof we've bought.  Not ideal.  I'd rather be spending that money on things inside such as new counters, new light fixtures, or new carpet.  Oh well, there's always next year.  

I have pretty high hopes for the rest of this year so here's my Summer's 2011 To-Do List:

1. Hanging Stemware Rack
I've always wanted one of these and I think I've got the perfect place to put one in our kitchen.  I'm gonna look for the perfect one, otherwise I might try to build one.  Can you really call it building though, since it's so small?  Hmmm....

2. Blinds for the Bathroom
I really like these bamboo ones in the picture below. I hope I can find some similar for cheap.

3. Re-Do the Laundry Room.
I've got this wonderful paint color from Glidden: Teal Lake for the walls.
I really wanna do a fun pattern, but might end up with some vertical stripes of another shade. I also discovered over at Pinterest that teal is a very popular laundry room color. That makes me happy since I love the color! I'd really love something adorable like this wall decor. I might have to some up with something along these lines since they're so freakin' cute!

5. Dining Room Chair Pillows.
I'm convinced that the two lonely chairs that sit aside our buffet in the dining room need a little something to keep them company, like a pillow.  I'm not really sure how it's gonna work out, but I think it'll look good. We'll see. Here's something similar to what I'm looking for.  I'll probably go with rectangles though. 

6. Organize Master Closet
I dream of it looking similar to this: (chandelier and all!) {btw, I just LOVE this blog}

7. Fabric Storage
I've been looking for a great way to store my fabric so I can still see what I have.  I'd never thought of using shoe organizers.  I'm heading out this weekend to buy some and do this! (Did I mention I love Meredith's blog?).
8. Ironing Board Makeover.
I'd love to give our ironing board a makeover.  Honestly it looks terrible and hideous.  Every time I use it I cringe, which has been happening a lot due to the hours I've been logging in my Sewing Studio. It's so bad I can't even put a picture up!

9. Bench in Bedroom
This in in progress, but I can't wait for there to be a place to sit in our bedroom as well as a place to store blankets, towels, etc.  This one is similar in style to the one hubby is working on.  It's stained to match our bedroom set. I'm trying to decide if I want a cushion on top or not.  

10. State {of the} Art
This is the perfect project for above the nightstands in our bedroom.  I can't wait to get some painting action on.  I even found a tutorial over at Welcome to Heardmont {again, awesome blog}. Here's the link to her tutorial.

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  1. So glad you love our projects, Jennifer! Thanks for linking back and good luck with whatever you tackle next!
    Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont


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