Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Simple DIY: Guest Bedroom Full Length Mirror

My parents came to visit Hubby and I a few months after we moved into our house last summer.  With them, they brought boxes and boxes of stuff.  They called this stuff mine but I'm not entirely sure I'd seen any of the in the past 5 years {do I really need it then?}.   Hubby and I were still settling in so we just stashed them with lots of other boxes into our basement. FINALLY, about a year later I am finally getting around to going through this 'stuff'.  One of the first things I pulled out is my old full length mirror. 

Did you notice how the mirror is Red??  Well before it was Red it was Green.  Before it was Green, it was Gold.

When I was in high school, I started out my training to be crafty and creative when I was finally given free reign to decorate my room however I wanted.  I loved {and still love} the idea of using bright, bold colors for decorating. 

I had asked my parents for a few things for my room to decorate including a two-tone comforter in Pink and Orange similar to the one below from JC Penney.

I searched and searched the stores until I found the perfect turquoise valance for my small bedroom window.  My mom was gracious enough to make me some bright yellow curtains to replace the dark brown doors to my closet.  She also made me three different shaped pillows for my bed in Green, Yellow, and Blue.  The rose colored walls from a young girls childhood was replaced with a more mature white.  I took LOTS of time to create my own simple two-stripe border at the top in light blue and bright blue. I was also given permission, after much begging, to paint my light switch plate and outlet plates to be a bright green.  I also painted the frame of the mirror green as well as my entire bulletin board that hung above my desk. 

My parents eventually painted over the blue border in my old 'bright' room and switched it with what became the guest room when my sister got married and moved out.  During my 3rd year of college I received a co-op opportunity.  So I stayed at home for the fall semester and got some great experience working for a construction company.  I had previously lived in the Dorms then my sorority house at college and I was getting REALLY tired of seeing my original college bedding.  I decided once again that I would get new bedding and re-do a bit of the room that I'd be living in.  I went out and bought a Black Desk, a Black-White-and-Red bed-in-a-bag set, made black and red curtains to cover the old closet doors, and made a matching black and red valance.  This is when I noticed that the green mirror didn't quite fit.  So, I painted it red.  I do still miss the green a bit. 

So, we've lived in our house for 2+ years now.  The guest bedroom was almost the first thing that was 'done' as far as decorating and unpacking.  The only thing it was missing was a full length mirror.  I got out the spray paint, newspaper and tape and got to work.  Within a few hours I converted this mirror from something I'd grown up with to something our guests will be able to enjoy. 
After we finished spraying it, we used a razor blade to scrape off some of the green and red that I'd gotten on the glass part of the mirror. 

Oh look, here it is now in all it's glory!

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