Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Daily Attack

Every day when I get home I get attacked.  I don't mind it though.  One reason is because of this face right here:
Daisy - the Dog
She jumps and runs and whines with excitement as soon as she sees us.  It's funny how she does it just the same way if we're gone for 12 hours or if we've just run out to get the mail.  
Sometimes she even helps me sew!
Daisy Helping me Sew
We do give her treats.  This special occasion was just an empty bag of chips that she proceeded to lick the seasoning off the side.  She was NOT happy when we took the bag away from her though.
Daisy Eating Doritos
Most of the time she cuddles up on the recliner with us or just sits and chews on her bone.
Daisy chewing on her Bone
She even makes us laugh by playing with her bed and playing hide and seek.  That silly girl!
Daisy our Dog

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