Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kelly M's Surprise Lingerie Party

And boy was she surprised! Up until the week of the surprise dinner Kelly was only under the impression that it was just her and me going out to dinner to catch up and talk about wedding stuff.  Of course, my big mouth had to accidentally slip to her in a e-mail the mention of her "surprise dinner". Last night Kelly, my two friends Andrea and Danielle, and I met up for a girls night dinner and drinks.  Kelly suggested TGI Friday's which is definately "Our Place".  We've gone there numerious times and we obviously love the food and atmosphere.  When I dissed the idea she picked up that we would be eating there tonight. 

Her mom, sisters, grammy, to-be-mother-in-law, two friends from our sorority were all waiting there to give her the big surprise.

See, Kelly only new there woudl be a "surprise dinner" at TGI Fridays.  She didn't know there would be guests or gifts.  However these gifts are more for Michael. He-he. 

Jamie, a friend from college, even found, in her mom's stash none the less, naked man wrapping paper from the 80's for all of us to laugh at.  I hope Kelly really enjoyed the low-key event and the gifts that will help keep some spice in their marriage!

The best gift: from her mom.  She dug it out of Kelly's stuff from high school. She needed this for a show one year.

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