Monday, September 27, 2010

Mod Podge....

I remember the day I joined my sorority like it was yesterday.  It wasn't actually yesterday, it was over 5 yeras ago.  I will always be thankful for the things that my sisters taught me.  They taught me all about real friends, living with 40 girls, cleaning up kitchens (not exactly taught but I did get a lot of practice), how to parallel park into the tinest places, and most importantly of all: how to be crafty!  I've always been a crafty soul, but once a member of the sorority, I learned about craftiness like never before.  I will never forget my first converstion about Mod Podge.  I remember asking what it was, followed by laughter from my friends.  All through college I did many, and I mean MANY projects with Mod Podge. I began thinking that it seriously was the greatest invention!  I have since moved onto other things, and have not really had the need to use Mod Podge since my college days.  That was until today!!!!  I ran across this blog. Oh Mod Podge, how I love you and have missed you.  Hopefully I will have time in the near future to start another Mod Podge project.  I'm crossing my fingers that my jar of matte is not dried out.  Thank you Mod Podge for helping to decoupaging my world!

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