Wednesday, June 1, 2011

While I'm 25....

Everyone has dreams.

Dreams of doing things, going places, completing projects, and being happy.

Some dreams are big, such as living in a foreign country or quiting a hated job.

Some dreams are small, like hanging up a picture they've had forever or going to a museum.

I have dreams of doing a few things this year, you know, before I turn the big 2-6!

I came up with this list in my mind while stuck laying on the couch this last week. Hopefully I can stay motivated along the way and always remember to keep a smile on my face.

Dreams like:
- Losing 15 pounds
- Having a date with Joe that includes a picnic
- Baking a pie
- Making homemade spaghetti sauce
- Finding a fantastic recipe for salsa and making it with veggies from my garden
- Baking a loaf of bread
- Visit a new city
- Go to a concert
- Run a 5K (and train for it first)
- Make a menu for the week using my cookbooks, or at least Monday through Wednesday for the whole summer (Memorial Day through Labor Day)
- Write notes to friends
- Make homemade salad Dressing
- Blog at least 1x per week!
- Volunteer with an organization
- Go to church more
- Go to a Sporting KC Soccer game at their new stadium (I'm not sure when construction is going to be completed though)
- Attend a Play, Symphony, or Orchestra Concert
- Make a little "Welcome" spot for visitors to our house
- Host a dinner party
- Read 2 books a month (any suggestions?)
- Plan a trip for "just the girls"
- Get a pedicure with my mom
- Make a fancy tiered cake (a reason isn't necessary)
- Tailgate at 6 Royals Games
- Ride a motorcycle

So there's my list. Now that I've written it down it seems kinda long and quite daunting.  I've got just under 7 months. Time to get started! Although, I don't think my macchiato this morning is helping with the 1st one. I guess I'll have to work on that.

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