Monday, June 28, 2010

Go Royals!!! White Sox vs. Royals

Chicago White Sox vs. Kansas City Royals
Monday, June 28, 2010
Royals win 3 to 1!!!

My friend Andrea and her boyfriend Andy came to visit Joe and I so she could see her FAVORITE team play.  She LOVES the White Sox so much that she was the only one of us 4 cheering them on!  But a miracle happened: THE ROYALS WON! Now seriously, what are the chances?  Not too good.  Yesterday, the White Sox lost to the Cubs ending their 11 game winning streak.  I cheered on my "home" team and was so excited they got the win.  So far this year I have attend only two games and the Royals have managed to actually play and win those two games.  I feel like their lucky charm.

Andy & Andrea in front of the K (Photo courtesy of Andrea)

Andrea's favorite player.  Yes, she is wearing his jersey. (Photo courtesy of Andrea)

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