Monday, June 21, 2010

To Coach or Not To Coach....

While at Lake of the Ozarks over the weekend for a wedding (see here) my friends, Liz, Kelly, and I went to the Coach Outlet Store at the Osage Beach Premium Outlets.  I love the idea of having a Coach purse.  I know they are good quality, have a great reputation, great style, and everyone "wants one".  Now, I'm not one for spending $200 on a purse. I mean let's be honest, I have plenty of other things that I would love to spend $200 on, for instance this camera.
I have really wanted a Coach handbag since I started earning a "real" income after college only a year and a half ago.  At least that's when I realized I had the money for it.  Most of my friends and family (especially my husband) know how indecisive I am when it comes to purchases: Do I??? Don't I???? So naturally, I just couldn't decided between the yellow one or the blue one.  In the end I left the store with 2 new handbags for a steal of a price. YAY OUTLETS!!!

After much deliberation in the days following the purchase I wondered what really makes these handbags so desired?  Is it the cost? Probably.  Is it the widely known logo?  Eh...yeah. Is it their uniqueness?  Well, the answer to that question requires some thought.  These so desired handbags are expensive, widely known and unique however after my shopping experience at the outlet I'm not so sure anymore.  There were women and men alike with arms full of handbags some leaving the store with more than I plan on owning in a lifetime.  It made me question two things (1) were these people made of $$? (2) if people are purchasing so many at such deep discounts, my handbag that I am purchasing cannot go so unique anymore, can it? 

I do not regret my purchases and I carry my handbag with my head held high because I worked really hard to make the money that allowed me the afford (yes, I know I got them from an outlet at more than 70% off) such a nice handbag that will hopefully last me for years to come.  I just wonder what other people think when they pick up their Coach Handbag in the morning when they head out the door.

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